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Privacy Policy

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Privacy Policy

Recent privacy policy update March 24, 2023

User Privacy

This User Privacy applies to your use of our website and platform.

Collecting User Information

There are categories of information we collect from user.

User Information: We collect a user information when a user use our service on our platform. Such as creating an account, adding or updating your account, providing information through our survey form and interaction with us through contact form.

Analyzing User Information: When a user use Tony Brands services, we collect information on how user are using our service and features. We use the collected information to analyze our services, so we can improve on what we need to fix to help make Tony Brands a better platform for our user.

Third Parties Software: We use third-party software to collect some information from user on our platform. We do not share user information or data with with our third-party software partner. 

Storing User Information

A user information will be stored by Tony Brands and our service providers in accordance with applicable data protection laws in the United States and countries that adhere to the data protection laws.


The cookies presented on our platform help our website remember your information to make your visit to our platform again easier and make it more useful for you.

Authentication and Security: When you enter your email, username or password on our login page, the information you provide is sent to our server for login validation. If the password you provided is match on our server you will be log in.

Creating a Session for User: We use cookies is a small amount of data that the our websites can store in your browser. Our server automatically create a relation or session with you when you log into our website. A session id is stores in your browser in the form of cookies.

Features and Functionality: Using cookies help Tony Brands provide a better user experience on our platform for user. Cookies and other technology software help us operate certain features and functionality of our services on our platform.

Data Security

Tony Brands protect our user information and personal data through security measures to minimize risks such as user information data loss and unauthorized access.  To secure a user data and information on our platform we implemented a data security strategy and software that can help secure our user data.

User Rights to Access Data

Under the U.S. Privacy Act of 1974 laws and some international laws, you have the right to access, correct or change regard to your personal data.