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Tony Brands Help Section

Getting Started

Administration Agreement Deal

Our administration deal focus on online brands industry, particularly in the media content business, where a content creator or a content creator group appoints an administrator or a third-party entity to handle certain aspects of their career and business affairs.

Annual $75 Fee

We charge an annual fee per content creator client. The fee help us manage administration cost.

Your Media Content Rights With Us

Content creator client retain full ownership of their copyright materials and creative control. We only enforce copyright on a client behalf.

Administration Fee

12% administration fee for each individual royalties collected.

Our Media Brand

Our Media Brands’ Asset

Our Media Brand Assets Policy outlines the guidelines for the proper use and representation of Tony Brands and our client brand assets.

Operating Under Our Brands

We offer clients two sub-brands to operate under our Tony Brands entity. Brands’ Creator and Brands’ 18+.

Brands’ Creator

Brands’ Creator is cater to content creator whom publish their media content on Youtube, Twitch, Tik-Tok, Instagram, and Twitter/X.

Brands’ 18+

Brands’ 18+ is cater to content creator whom publish media content target to adult audience on Onlyfans, Twitch, Instagram, Twitter/X, and webcam streams.

Collecting Royalties

Royalty Collection

We help our client(content creator) collect royalties through licensing, Tony Brands infringement payment portal, and through legal means.

Royalty Media Content Types

Media content types we collect royalties on behalf of of our client. Image/photos, video and sound clips, record digital stream, and original artwork that has been uploaded to digital format.

Payment Timeline

Payment timeline is monthly. Payout to client depend on the client prefer payment date for the month and how much royalties is collect for the month.

Payment & Tax Information

Please check out our payment and tax information section to better understand how to process your payment and what tax form you should be getting from us.