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This Brand Assets Policy outlines the guidelines for the proper use and representation of Tony Brands brand assets. The brand assets include but are not limited to logos, trademarks, images, and any other materials that constitute the visual identity of Tony Brands. All employees, contractors, partners, and third parties must adhere to these guidelines to maintain consistency and integrity in the representation of Tony Brands.

All brand assets, including logos, trademarks, and related materials, are the exclusive property of Tony Brands. Unauthorized use, reproduction, or modification of these assets is strictly prohibited.

Permitted Use:
a. Employees: Employees of Tony Brands are permitted to use brand assets for official business purposes, following the guidelines outlined in this policy.

b. Partners and Clientele: Partners and clientele may use Tony Brands brand assets only with explicit written permission from our brand administrator. The usage must adhere to the terms specified in any agreements or contracts.

  1. Logo Usage Guidelines:
    a. Color Variations: The Tony Brands logo is available in color and orange-and-white variations. The color logo is the preferred version and should be used whenever possible.

b. Proportions: Do not alter the proportions of the logo. Always use the official logo files provided by Tony Brands.

c. Clear Space: Maintain clear space around the logo to ensure visibility and legibility. The clear space is equal to the height of the “block square” in the logo.

  1. Prohibited Uses:
    a. Modification: Do not alter, stretch, distort, or modify any brand assets in any way.

b. Third-Party Endorsement: Do not use Tony Brands’ brand assets in a manner that implies endorsement, sponsorship, or association with any third party without prior written consent.

c. Generic Terms: Do not use Tony Brands’ brand assets in connection with generic terms or in a way that may dilute the distinctive qualities of the brand.

Reporting Misuse:
Any suspected misuse or unauthorized use of Tony Brands’ brand assets should be reported immediately to the Brand administrator department.

Updates to Policy:
Tony Brands reserves the right to update to our Brand Assets Policy at any time. All users are responsible for staying informed about the latest version of the policy.

By using Tony Brands’ brand assets, individuals agree to comply with the terms outlined in this policy.

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