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Term of Use

Term of use

The policies below are apply to members including visitor using our platform. Each policy contain legal conditions on each service on our platform. Using any part of Tony Brands website or platform, user is in agreement to abide by and comply with the terms, conditions, obligations, affirmations, representations, and warranties set forth in these Terms of Use.

Tony Brands have the rights at our discretion to update, modify or change our Term of Use at any time without notice.

By complying with our term of use, Tony Brands grant user limited permission to use non-transferable and non-exclusive access to our site including services we provided.

User are not to copy or modify any parts of our website. Reverse engineering our source codes or any third party plugin on our website is prohibit.

User Discretion
Using our site may expose user to content that may be offensive, inappropriate, or inaccurate information by other users on this website. We are not held responsible for any damage for other user posting offensive, inappropriate, or inaccurate information on our website. By accessing and using our site you hereby acknowledge that you use the site at your own risk.

Our Intellectual Property
All creative assets such as our brand name, logo, icons and service name are trademarked or copyrighted with the U.S. Trademark & Copyrights Office and ownership is held by Tony Brands LLC.

Grant User Permission to Use Our Brand
Tony Brands grants user a non-transferable, non-exclusive and royalty-free on a limited base to use our creative assets related to Tony Brands website and our services. User are not allow to use our creative assets outside our brand or services industry.

Tony Brands have the sole discretion to limit or terminate a user rights to use our brand asset for any reason we deemed that violate our brand guideline.

Limited Liability and Disclaimers
Tony Brands and our subsidiary company is not liable or responsible for…

  • Any interruption, delays, suspension or any failure on our website
  • For any errors or bugs that occur on our website
  • Any misinterpretation on part of the user about Tony Brands website and our service
  • Any damage or dissatisfaction from using our website and services
  • Outside hack that is disturb service from us
  • We are not liable for any lost data such as user personal information on our server due or cliches, errors or hacks on the server

Privacy Policy
What information we collect from user?
Email, name, and address that a user provide to us.

Accessing our website through device such as mobile devices or desktop computer, user grant Tony Brands permission to collect user information. We use technology such as cookies to analyze and provide a secure login feature on our website.

Sharing User Information
User who contact or submit their personal information through our website acknowledge that we may disclose personal information to the following entity.

  • Our affiliate partners
  • A third-party payment processor that process our payment for us
  • Court: We will comply with legal proceeding such as court order

Our Service’s Provide to Members
Creator Coverage: Assist content creator with coverage with using copyrighted material in their media content.

Member Lookup: Every register members on Tony Brands is automatically listed on our member lookup list. The member lookup list are made public, so anyone can search the list.

Copyright Dispute: Assist members in copyright dispute with copyrights owner to settle dispute.

Emergency Fundraising: Help members raise money fast for legal issue relating to certain copyright legal problems that arise.

Digital Licensing: Help members license their media content or artwork to individual, news media and entertainment company on our platform.

Activity Hub: Tony Brands offer a social media platform for artist, musician, and content creator. Member users can publish their media content or artwork on Tony Brands for the propose of showing copyright ownership.

User acknowledges and grant Tony Brands limited rights to use any of user activity hub posts including video, images, and display name for promotional and marketing purpose.

User Conduct Policy
Please follow Tony Brands’ user conduct policies when using our services. Link to our User Conduct Policy

Copyright Infringement Claims
All copyright infringement claims by copyright holder/owner must submit a copyright dispute and is require to provide proofs of ownership of the copyright materials.
Request Account Deletion
User requesting their account be close down acknowledge that Tony Brands is not liable for any lost of user account data and information from deleting a user account.