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Spotting Scam

Spotting Scams on Tony Brands

Tony Brands strive to keep our platform a safe place for our members. Therefore, user are prohibit from using our website or platform for illegal activity such as deceiving others to get members private information or to send money.

Scam Tactics

  • Email phishing scam
  • Deceptive scam
  • Fraudulent scheme
  • Money flipping scheme
  • Investment Scam

Email Phishing Scam: According to the Federal Trade Commission, phishing is a type of online scam that targets consumers by sending them an e-mail that appears to be from a well-known source. In our case the scammer try to pretend to be an affiliate with Tony Brands. The scammer will try to gain your private or financial information through sending you emails.

Deceptive Scam: Deceiving others to gain a financial or personal benefit. If you get an email from someone claiming to be a member on our platform asking you to send money, please contact Tony Brands about the situation. Tony Brands prohibit our user from using their account or pretending to be another member to deceive others to gain private or financial information.

Fraudulent Scheme: Fraudulent scheme is prohibit on Tony Brands platform. User are prohibit from operating a scheme to paid others in exchange for stolen credit card or financial information.

Money Flipping Scheme: If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is. Money flipping scheme is where a person promise or guarantee you a sum of money in exchange for a small initial payment. Usually the person request that you wire transfer or use prepaid debit card for the payment. User are prohibit from engaging in any form of money flipping scheme.

Investment Scam: Online Investment scam operate the same as offline investment fraud. Investment scam promise high high return without little to no risk. Many operate offshore and push you to use a certain website to transfer money. Tony Brands prohibit our user from using our platform to promote or operate any investment scheme on our platform.

All communication to user from Tony Brands will be conducted through our messaging service. We will never contact user to provide personal information such as social security, date of birth, bank account number or financial statements through.

Tony Brands will never email a user asking for your username or resetting your password on our website. If there is any trouble on the user end a user can contact us through our website.

Please, contact us if you get one of these scam type email.

Tony Brands Official email: