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User Safety Policy

Safety Policy

Tony Brands strive to make our platform a safe place for our members.

Safety Rules for User to Follow

List of rules for user to follow to make Tony Brands a safe platform

  1. Violence: User are prohibit from posting about violence threats against individual, group of people, and minority on our platform.
  2. Threats: User are prohibit from posting threats including sending threats message to other members or Tony Brands employees on our platform.
  3. Harassment: User are prohibit from engaging in bullying, harassing or stalking any members on our platform.
  4. Promoting Suicide/Self Harm: User are prohibit from promoting suicide or engaging others to self harm themselves.
  5. Media Content: User are prohibit from posting pornography, child exploitation, excessively imaginary of gore and violent.
  6. Hate: User are prohibit from promoting, harassing, threatening violence against group of people base on their religion, race and gender.
  7. Illegal Activities: User are prohibit from using our platform for illegal activity. Including selling, buying goods or promoting services that is constitute illegal under federal and states law.

If you see a user violating our safety rules, please report it here.