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Risk & Compliance

How We Help

By improving brand strategy through data analytics, Tony Brands helps online brands reduce risk of legal exposure, set compliance for brands to follow, and help online brands build up their rating.

Our Service

Our services are design to help online brands reduce exposure to legal risk for our online brand partners. We offer advice, information and resources for brands who need guidance with external compliance.

Community Driven

Tony Brands is committed to our community. We encourage our online brand community to be involve with helping each other. Our community consist of content creator operating their brand online.

Risk Management

Types of Risk for Online Brands

The biggest risk for an online brands is being exposed to copyright infringement.  It’s either your copyright work is being infringed upon or you are infringing on someone copyright work.

Anyone with an online brand presence is exposed to legal risk for defamation, copyright or trademark infringement and other legal issue. 

Brand collaborations can involve a number of risks for both party.  The possibility of a failed collaboration may lead to legal wrangling and unexpected damage reputation on both party.

Compliance Management

Types of Compliance

Understanding the laws, rules and regulations set by government agencies and online industry is an important part of your online brand properly complying with policies and procedures.

Tony Brands compliance programs is design to cover internal policies and procedures within our company.  Each compliance programs are design to protect Tony Brands and our online brand partners from liability such as fines and lawsuits.