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  1. When you login to your account you will automatically directed to your Brand Activity page and you will notice a area to post your brand activity.
  2. In the brand activity area give you 6 tools to help with your brand activity posting. (Status, Photo, Video, Audio, Link)
  3. Status: Clicking on it will show you your recent posts.
  4. Photo: Clicking on the photo button will open up your local folder on your desktop to upload a photo.
  5. Media Conten Link: You can copy your youtube video link or any other supported social media platform in the posting area and it will generate the media post on your hub activity.

Adding emoji & making your post private

  • If you want to add emoji to your post there is a smiley face icon on the top right corner in the post area.
  • Making your post private is easy. Just click on the ‘Public’ icon. There are 4 option: Public, Only Me, My Friends, Members.

How to Pin, Bookmark, Edit and Delete

You can pin, bookmark, edit or delete your post by clicking the “three dots” button on the right top of each post. After click it, those options will appear.

  • Pin – Pining your post will make it stay on top of your hub activity
  • Bookmark – Bookmark a post you like
  • Edit – Allow you to edit your previous post
  • Delete – Allow you can delete your previous post