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Coverage for Content Creator

Provide coverage for different type of creator.

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How does Creator & Content Coverage work?

Creator & Content Coverage help creator recover financial loss from unexpected circumstance, such as demonetization or copyright issue that arise.

Who is eligible for coverage?

Any content creator can get coverage through Creator & Content Coverage. To get full. coverage must creator meet our policy criteria.

For Creator Coverage
1. Is apart of a monetization program.
2. Active in uploading content.
3. Have 1000 subscribers or followers

For Content Coverage
1. Published media content through Youtube or other media platform for a least one year.
2. Must have an average of 1000 views per media content.
3. Is apart of a monetization program or subscription creator pay program on a media platform.

Coverage Types

Every media and social media platform is unique. Types of creator and media content Tony Brands covered.

Creator Types: Youtuber, Streamer, Influencer, Social Media Content Creator, Onlyfans Content Creator

Content Types: Art, Photos, Videos, Tweets

Which content is not cover under C&C Coverage?

List of media content types we do not covered

– Content that are consider deceptive practices & scams

Dangerous or Sensitive Content
– Harassment and cyberbullying
– Hate speech
– Dangerous content that show the creator or others being harmed or attacked
– Graphic violence such as showing self harms or harms to others

– Content that is create to mislead the others or the public
– Content that have false election information
– Content that give false medical advice or information

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