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Cue Sheets

Media License Sheet

Please input or paste Content Creator License ID. Example: tbtal-122215
The specified platform that you want to use the licensor media on.
Link to your media channel or account
The title you are planning to use for your media
The total runtime length of your video. If your video is 15 minute long input: 0:15:00
Example: The media clip start at 0:00:05 second
Example: The media clip end at 0:00:13 second
If you are operating under a production company
A representative that can be contacted. You can put your name if you do not have a representative.
Your Official Business Email

Cue Sheet Details

Duration - The total duration (number of seconds or minutes) each Cue plays in total in your video.

Type - The specified platform the licensor media is being us in.

Usage Timpestamp - The timestamp start and end time of the song or track you use in your production.