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Content Creator Legal Funds

“The whole is greater than the sum of the parts.” - Aristotle

    Community Fundraising Network

Community Fundraising Network

Tony Brands provides legal funds through our community fundraising network.

   Content Creator Legal Coverage

Safeguard your brand and financial reputation.

Tony Brands created a statutory framework for determining whether a copyright dispute against content creator’s content is legit.  Helping to find a solution to the dispute with amicable settlement

Tony Brands created a risk management and control strategy to help content creator limit their exposure to any legal risk on our platform.

Our support team are on hand review your content or give tips to help you avoid any legal issue that may arise pertaining your online media content and brand.

    How We Help Our Members

Our platform make it easier to pay for legal fees and costs

Content Creator Legal Fund offer financial solutions powered by our community fundraising network. Tony Brands helps content creator member with manage brand risk, copyright dispute, fair use case, and protect free speech.

    How It Works

Our platform made it simple to pay for legal fees