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Copyright Dispute


Copyright Dispute

Settle copyright dispute through Tony Brands.

Copyright Infringement

Accused Infringer
Link to the media work that infringed on your copyright material.
The title of the media being accused of copyright infringement.
Platform that is hosting the copyright infringement: Youtube, Instagram, Twitter, Tik-Tok, Facebook...etc

About Your Copyrighted Material

The title of your original video or music work
Please provide a link for proof of copyright ownership.
The date when you first published your copyright material

About Your Copyright Ownership Detail

Name of your individual copyright holder. If there is more than one copyright holder please use a comma to list the names
Media Production Company
Name of a representative of a Production company that can be contacted
Official production company email
By requesting any copyright takedown through Tony Brands, copyright holder waives all rights to file claim or copyright infringement suit against Tony Brands or our content creator partners on platform such as Youtube and other social media platform.

Copyright Dispute Form Details

Accused Infringer - The entity or person suspected of copyright infringement.

Infringement Media Type - Type of infringement the individual or entity infringes on.

Infringement Detail - Details about the infringement.

Copyright Material Detail - Details of copyright material.

Copyright Holder Detail - Details about copyright holder.

Request Action Details

Copyright Takedown Process - Request Tony Brands to notify content creator member of copyright takedown request and content creator are require to comply with taking down the infringement work.