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Our use of cookies and other related software

Tony Brands provide a safe and better experience for users by using a variety of software including cookies.

What are cookies?

A cookie consists of small files holding small information. When a user visit our website, we sends a small files called ‘cookie’ to your device that use a browser. The user device stores it in a file inside your browser. (Popular web browsers: Safari, Firefox, Chrome, and Internet Explorer)

Why we use cookies?

We use cookies on our platform in different ways to support our website and help users have better experience when using our website.

We use cookies in a variety of ways we incorporate technology on our platform.

  1. Login Authentication
  2. Security protecting user
  3. Anti-Spams
  4. User Preference

Along with using cookies, we also use other software to analyze pattern on our platform to improve our service to users. How we use cookies to help our business.

  1. R&D – R&D – We gather data on the all usage of how our service and analyze what can be improve for better user experience.
  2. Advertising & Sponsorship: Gather data on how to improve business advertising practice.
  3. Communication & Marketing: We will use email or our messaging service to connect with users about our marketing campaign that might be useful to users.