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Grow your brand, followers, and views through our giveaway coverage

What is Contest Giveaway Coverage?

Contest Giveaway Coverage insure a content creator from liability when hosting a contest giveaway that involve giving product or services away.

Host your contest giveaway on Tony Brands
We take care of everything for your contest giveaway needs
Entry features for participant to earn raffle points

Give participant option to follow or subscribe to one of your social media account if they want to earn raffle points.

Give participant option to view your post or video in order for the participant want to earn raffle points for a chance to win your giveaway prize.

Give participant option to enter your contest by requiring them to meet certain requirement to earn raffle points and be selected as a winner. Contest you can host on our platform. 1. Enter promo code  2.  Artwork contest  3. Tweet a message of X contest  4. Subscribe to a podcast  5. Take a polls  5. Comment on a Youtube video

Prerequisites before purchasing coverage
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