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Brands’ Challenge 5

Youtube Video Search Challenge

Random Punishment Wheel:

Youtube Search Video Challenge:  Participant for this challenge must find a Youtube video based on the video length from the flip card.

Recommended platform to play Youtube Video Search Challenge
Game format:

There are 10 rounds in this challenge.

The goal for the challenge is to find a video on Youtube based on the length from the flip card. The participant that is the fastest to find the requested video length.

Each round participants must record if they ‘Eat it’ or ‘Pass’.

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Prerequisites for the challenge game

Require one or two participants for the Youtube video search challenge.  Having a host is optional to keep things in order and record each round.

Have a smartphone or tablet for each participant to record result for each round.

Have a safe place to do the challenge.  We recommend a studio space to do the Youtube Video Search challenge.

Before starting the Youtube Video Search challenge have participants access Youtube frontage website.

Create a prize for the winner and two punishment for the spin the random wheel punishment.