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Brands’ Challenge 4

Sample of quiz challenge for content creator to test out. Live quiz challenge that have prize giveaway have password protection and is only accessible for content creator.

Password: Brand1

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Random Prize Wheel:

The quiz challenge is competition in which the goal is to correctly answer a series of 2 set of questions of 10 rounds. The participant that answers the most questions correctly have a chance to win a prize from the prize wheel.

Recommended platform to host quiz challenge
Game format:

There are 10 rounds in this challenge.

Each round have two set of questions. Question 1A for participant 1 and question 1B is for participant 2.

There are two set of question for each rounds. Participant must are playing for prizes.

Each round consist of participant watching a answering trivia questions. Participant goal for each round is answer as much question right to win prizes.

Each round participants must record ‘Correct’ if they get the question correct or ‘Wrong’ if they got the question wrong.

Prize Giveaway
Prerequisites for the challenge game

Require for two participants for the quiz challenge.  Having a host is optional to keep things in order and record each round.

Have a smartphone or tablet for each participant to record result for each round. Other option is to have a host record the result for each round.

Have a safe place to do the challenge. We recommend a studio space to do the quiz challenge.

Create a prize for the winner of the quiz challenge.  Associate a prize to slot in the random prize wheel.